Outhouse Races - Next Race is: January 17, 2015

For a quarter of a century outhouse racing has taken place annually in Conconully. The event features head-to-head races within stated divisions with champions being crowned by the day's end. The race course is a snow-covered Main Street. Each entered outhouse may participate in as many divisions as its sponsor can find teams to race. Questions? Call the Chamber of Commerce at 826-9050 or 1-877-826-9050.

Rules of Competition

Privy must be
Constructed of wood or wood by-products
Mounted on two non-metallic skis
At least 3-sided with a full roof
At least 5' high, including roof peak
At least 2 1/2' by 2 1/2' square
Without motor or steering devices
Equipped with a toilet seat and toilet paper on a hanger
Inspected by race officials prior to racing.
Teams shall
Have three members: two pushers and one rider
Keep racing outhouse within assigned lane
Keep privy under control of both pushers when crossing finish line
Not engage in unnecessary roughness
Include only members who have signed "hold harmless" agreements
All riders must wear helmets

Regristration and inspection of the outhouse begins at 9:30 AM Saturday, January 14th, in the parking lot next to the Community Hall. The cost for registering an outhouse is $25.

Race divions include men, women, and teens (16 and above), family (all team members are related by blood or marriage), seniors (combined age of the team equals or exceeds 125), bucket (pushers wear buckets over their heads while rider directs the race), and X-Treme Challenge (obstacles on the course).

Team members need to be registered as well as the outhouses, but there is no additional charge. A registered outhouse may comete in every division.

Outhouses may be decorated and team members may be costumed.

Division winners will recieve their awards following the end of the racing day. The winner of the People's Choice Trophy will also be announced at that time.

Decisions of Officials are final

The 2012 Annual Conconully Outhouse Race proved to be the wildest yet with outhouses with names only the contestants could put together. The course was ice and snow, which caused hair raising excitement on all portions of the race course, with young and old competing for the title of best in their division. Please come again next year for the 26th annual outhouse races and see all the new and exciting fun we will have cooked up for you.